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Log Cabin Home Kits

Modular Log cabin homes and log home kits are becoming more popular.  Modular  log cabin kits have logs that have been cut, milled, dried and shaped into a kit so you can build it yourself or hire a contractor.  Log cabin home kits are as  simple as the logs and fasteners only, or they can include nearly all of the exterior components of the cabin. 

A major advantage of log cabin home kits is lower costs, and quicker construction. Created by the the manufacturer, the logs will be more uniform in shape than handcrafted logs. The logs can be trucked in and assembled on your land by knowledgable builders. The log cabin kit packages can come in “shell” condition, “select” or turnkey.   This means that each selection has a certain amount of materials.

You can’t compare apples to apples cost with log cabin kit providers until you see all of the items they include.  You can choose a deluxe kit, select kit package and have the builder pick up the roof, side doors, tongue and groove wood for the interior walls at a savings to you.

The logs are available in round, square, rectangular, beveled and ‘D-shaped’ logs. Milled logs have the outer sapwood planed off before the logs are shaped. The joinery styles that are offered: tongue & groove and Swedish cope.  The most popular style is to create a tongue or groove so each log will interlock with the log above and below it in the wall.

How do you find log cabin building kits that may be right for you?

Don’t be in a hurry.  It takes timet o find your perfect log cabing home plan.  Visit sites online.  If you decide to buy a kit – Ebay has great deals from home builders. Decide what floor plans you want for your home. See what you like, large size logs verses the smaller sized logs.  Shape and color of logs and the look of the corner treatments.  Note how long the company has been in business.

See what is included in the kit.  Don’t be surprised with what is not included.  Pick as many kits as you like and start to compare them until you can narrow it down to 3-4.

When looking online it’s important to meet with the builder or modular log cabin home manufacturer. Are they friendly, helpful, ready and able to answer any questions?  What you need to ask depends on if you are building your home from a kit or going with the modular log cabin kit.  You will likely need a local builder so this person can help help with the final decisions.

You can also learn a lot about log cabin kit homes by visting cabins that have been built nearby.  Different plans can give you design ideas that you might like. Make a notebook of the things you may want in your log home design.

Buying your dream log cabin make custom for you will provide you many years of enjoyment.  Having a luxury log home can take a lot of effort. It will be worth it if your dream has been to live in the woods in a log cabin home.  If you can’t find the modular log cabin homes you like, you can always search for log cabin homes for sale.

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My wife and I just purchased 11.5 acres in east texas that is covered up with cedar trees. We would like to build a verticle log home. Any tips or suggestions ?

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